Org 001s
Vital statistics
Real name Extraterrestrial
Aliens are a race of sentient beings created by the Overlords that reside throughout the universe as its main occupants. They are the chief users of all the mental & cosmic based abilities which make them unique and dangerous. Their level of intellegience is far more superior to most other races like humans for instance, thus granting them access to possess or build advanced technology. They are usually concerned with exerting their dominance against one another or other sentient beings. They are ruled under the title Galactic Overlord.


  • Psionics
  • Cosmic Manipulation
  • Enhanced Intelligence
  • Enhanced Physiology
  • Shapeshifting
  • Adaption

Types of AliensEdit

  • Asteriods: These are androids with abilities of high-level aliens.
  • Avarons: This are group of cosmic entities that maintain the balance of the Universe.
  • Dracosians: This is a race of reptilians aliens which occupies the planet Draco
  • Grygols: This is a race of mutated beast aliens that occupies the planet Grygois
  • Martians: These are the smartest of all aliens that specializes in psionics that hails from the Planet Mars
  • Randors: This a race of aliens that gain powers from different planets that hails from the planet Rangorah
  • Toxic-galoons: These are symbiotic-like aliens
  • Toclayans: This is a race of mud-like aliens that occupies the planet Toclay

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