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Vital statistics
Real name Ammon Ra
Alias Lord of Death, Zombi King
He is the father of Gaza Kid. He was the king of the Underworld until he was killed by Maarkus.


After many years in dismay and chaos since the defeat of the The SOURCE the fight for power of the underworld had been going on for years until Ammon Ra rose to power and acclaim the title as ruler of the Underworld. During his reign he had been lenient on conquering worlds and mostly with preserving stability of the underworld. Zekriah had confronted him about an alliance to rebuild the Charred Council but he refused. As years under the influence of Zekriah, Maarkus challenged his position and defeated him claiming the title as king of the underworld but returned it back to him so he could control the distribution of Undead. he later had a son in the depths of the underworld. His son was put to rest of many years maintaining the same appearance in case there was no ruler of the underworld. He was awoken by Jerome Thompson and enlisted by Gregory Thompson.

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