Lava demon stage 3 by railmatrix-d4h08d3
Vital statistics
Real name Ash
Ash was demon spawn of Torch that was infused inside him. Before Cheeco Thompson was evil he as well was good but when he changed, he did as well but far worse. He was seen many times in the Injustice-New Alliance War and disappeared after Cheeco's defeat.


Growing up Ash and Cheeco was close (due to Urgash). Ash was rarely used by Cheeco, he had to come out and help Cheeco at times. When Cheeco was fully possessed by Urgash, Ash was struggling to revert Cheeco but instead was pushed away forever making him into an individual. He left Cheeco, only to be captured by Jerome Thompson where it was not bad. Jerome trained and empowered him making him far more powerful than any other demon including Smoke. He became the new demon of destruction and aided Jerome in many of Trials like going to Abyss to retrieve Vince Thompson, destroying other hostile dimensions and maintaining order in Hell so to say although he was not a member of the Injustice, he was responsible for their success throughout the dimensions. At the end of the Fourth Order after witnessing Cheeco's defeat he left to unknown places where no one could find him.


When he was inside of Cheeco he was actually begging him to talk to him but when he was freed he became silent, mysterious and serious about everything.


  • Hellfire/ Fire Manipulation
  • Possession
  • Flight
  • Invisible
  • Intangible
  • Rage Manipulation

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