Rezzed Iron Man
Vital statistics
Real name Asteriod Kidd
Species Machine

Asteroid Kidd was a special Asteroid android created by Captain Zero to serve as a replacement son for Asmon Blade. He was a member of the Asteriods and Legacy.


He was created by Captain Zero because of the rejection of his son. He was a perfect android clone of Asmon but a with a few upgrades in certain categories. He was the programmed to capture Asmon which he failed to do so many times causing him to be a member of Legacy. He clashed with Asmon which ended with the same results. After failing all those times he created a self destruction technique which failed and resulted in his death.


Asteroid Kidd had the opposite personality of Asmon and only objective is to replace him.


  • Weapon Manipulation- Kidd can use any kind of weapon with perfect skill, regardless weather the weapon is a muscle powered sword, spear or bow, gun or cannon any description or even something futuristic using laser, plasma, antimatter or even more exotic ammunition/attacks.
  • Metal Mimicry- Kidd can transform his body completely and physically into metal.
  • Technology Manipulation- Kidd can manipulate/control electronics and machinery.
  • Enhanced Intelligence- Kidd has immense memory and other mental capacities, allowing him to think on different levels at once and while multitasking.

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