The Lost City by InertiaK
The lost city of Atlantis
This is an ancient city that was discoveed in First Order. It was first a city on land that was neutral in the Eternals-Charred Council War and was attained meaning no one troubled the city. It is marvellous city that worship Tridera the Sea god. The civilization undergo powerful transformation and called themselves Mermaids after their city was sunked by a unknown Quincy which is one of the main enemies of Atlantis. It then became a battle field between the Mermaid and the Leviathan but the Mermaids have managed to remained it's main residents at many situations. It is the longest surviving city in history so Atlanteans have access to large volumes of information and relics.


  • Mermaids: This is the dominant race of Atlantis
  • Leviathans: This opposing race of the Mermaids which ranks as second
  • Hydrons: Most dwells here and least populants


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