Blade Clan
The Seal of the Blade Clan
The Blade Clan hosted the most brilliant minds throughout history. They weren't only known for their intelligence, but for the manufacturing of weapons that outcompass their current reality. There are normally artificial enhanced which increase their capabilities. Their main rivals is the Magnus Clan.


They were the best weapon forgers and smartest Clan in history. All members of the Blade Clan were infused with the Exoesqueleto. They were able to manipulate the laws of science to their gain. Their increased intellect mutated their normal body systems into super humans giving them certain capabilities extend the capabilities of their minds onto reality. Their evolved system and increased intellect develop into an anti-magic system making them extra reactive to magic.


They were the only leaders of the Seireitei, Union, Confederate and the Sentinels. They were also the rulers of Sentral. They must guard all powerful artifacts made by all sentients and the Tree of Knowledge.


  • Psionic
  • Techmomancy
  • Cosmic Manipulation


Unknown MembersEdit


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