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Vital statistics
Real name Chronicles
Chronicles was the reincarnation of the titan and the water & thunder Elementals. He was a member of Genesis. He was the general of the Dark Knight Army.


He was half-Quincy and half-Hydron, the general of the Dark Knight army and a member of Genesis. He was the most untrusted ally of Exodus Magnus thus causing him make precautions that have him possessed. In the battle against the original Injustice members, he was the one who killed Chad. He was the one who led destruction on MG Academy and the conquest on Earth. After the rise of the Dark Knights, he was the one who led the conquest upon the dimensions under Exodus' orders.


He was overconfident loudmouth person but became violet and mysterious after Exodus placed a spell onto him.


  • Hydrokinesis
    • Cryokinesis
  • Electrokinesis
    • Technokinesis
  • Weather manipulation

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