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Vital statistics
Real name Unknown
Cloak was exiled in the Abyss. He was a member of Revelation and described as a living dimension.


He was created by an unknown Scarab to bring the Scarab's vengeance. He was created to kill Kakache Xinjiang but was sealed away in Abyss where he met other members of the Revelation. After battling the members of the Revelation, he was then enlisted since he could leave Abyss as he pleased. He was very mysterious and could only communicate with Weevil and Creation. He was then freed by Maarkus Thompson along with the other members of the Revelation, where they nearly destroyed the entire Earth but was sealed away by Mr.MG and the Ancient Alliance to deepest level of Abyss where he couldn't escape much less survive.


He was like Creation, did not talk much and mysterious.


  • Dimensional Manipulation
  • Dimensional Entity Physiology
  • Portal Creation

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