Creation was a member of the Revelation. He was shape-shifting being from Abyss.


Creation was a shape-shifting creature that was created by Gambit to become a member of Revelation. He was trained in the art of deception, so he could infiltrate any group or army. After being created in Abyss other than sealed the rules of Abyss did not applied so he could enter and exit as he pleases. He was the special member of the Revelation seeing he was the only who could leave. He then began carry out all the necessary preparation for their arrival. When they were freed by Maarkus, it only took them a minute to bring chaos and havoc to the entire earth which almost make humanity extinct but were defeated & sealed away by the Ancient Alliance But the Creation escape because Viktor told him so. He then rose up in Krakatao to steal Zekriah’s spell book to break Hector’s seal but failed and was killed therefore returned into Abyss with master trapping him like the rest of them.


Only those he copies.


  • Omnifarious

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