Vital statistics
Real name Daedalus Blade
Daedalus Blade was an unknown member of the Blade family. He was a member of the Inquisitors. He was the longest living human in history.


Daedalus worked for the Inquisitors by manufacturing weapons and devices for them. As a member of the Inquisitors, his enemy was Zuther Thompson who mocked Daedalus by outsmarting him. After the fall of the Inquisitors, he went into hiding as a secret manufacturer for the remainder of the Inquisitors. Daedalus was contacted by Viktor Thompson to build a weapon for him, resulting in the creation of Gadget Freak. He rose up to take on the United Five and was killed by Stanford Kendall for trying to betray him.


He was a productive man who paid no interest to anything else but inventing weapons to kill supernatural beings.


  • Genius-level intelligence
  • Powered suit of Armor
  • Reduced aging

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