Anime boy-1
Vital statistics
Real name Equinox
Equinox iss a Yin Yang Fusion. He was the leader of the Ying Yang Crew. He was a member of Legacy and Resistance. He was the reincarnation of Legion.


He was introduced as a the leader of Ying Yang Crew who were tearing up the streets, until they were defeated by Chenglei Thompson. Equinox became a member of Legacy. He was still the leader of the Ying Yang Crew, but now devoted full time to the Legacy. After the arrival of Nexus, he was attacked by them but Elikpse sacrificed himself for him by being a member of the Nexus. He and the others fled to Sentral where he was recognized as the reincarnation of Legion and underwent vigorous training and missions.


Equinox was a bully. He was dark and gloomy, someone who toke advantage of people and respects them when they fight back and win like Cheeco for instance.


  • Yin Yang Manipulation
    • Chaos Manipulation
    • Order Manipulation

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