Lightning lad by xxnightblade08xx-d2yxdx2
Vital statistics
Frederick is the younger brother of Chad Thompson and son of Maxwell Thompson. He was a member of the New Gods, New Alliance and the Union. He is also known as Freakazoid.


Frederick was introduced as Max's secret project that involved cloning Chad, making him Chad's younger brother. After some alteration he was much more powerful than Chad. After Chad left the New Gods he was replaced by Frederick. As a member of the New Gods, he was under Chad's shadow and urging to be known as himself. After the rise of the Injustice and devastating defeat of the New Gods, it was reassembled in the New Alliance with him a part of it. He went into space to assist Bruce and the Union in Chad's defeat. In the end of the Injustice-New Alliance War he along with Bruce defeated Chad and removed the Dark Heart therefore weakening him. He was killed by the Dark Knights to symbolizes their arrival.


He was very strange as a young man but after growing up he was more mature, production and performed very excellent decisions.


  • Electrokinesis
  • Technology Manipulation
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Intelligence

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