Gadget Freak
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Vital statistics
Real name Simon Blade
Former leader & member of Triple Fury. Simon Blade was created by Daedalus Blade and was his supposed son. Former member of the New Alliance.


He was created by Professor Daedalus under the orders of Viktor Thompson to become a member of the Triple Fury. After his creation, he was hidden along with Triple Fury, training for many long years until he and the other members were assigned to take on the New Gods. After Viktor's defeat, Gadget Freak was given the chance to become a part of society as a human. He agreed because he would not listen to Vince Thompson any longer while the others declined. Due to being a android his powers could be taken away from him, so he was assigned to peacekeeping tasks. In the Fourth Order, he became a member of the New Gods to be Vince's rival. Simon defeated Vince and locked the portal of Abyss making every resident to be imprisoned there. He was then killed by the Dark Knights which initiated their coming.


He is an author who always have to win no matter what he is doing.


  • Technology Manipulation
  • Bionic Physiology
  • Enhanced conditions
  • Metal Mimcry

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