The Holy city
Heaven, a place created by Vincent, intended to be the homeworld of Angels and divine beings. It is an ageless, ethereal, and divine realm. It serves as a dwelling place and a base of operations for divine beings and is a final resting place of worthy deceased souls.


Heaven also serves as a destination for deserving Humans souls after death and angelic beings. They occupy the happy memories they experienced on Earth, reliving them in their personal Heavens. It is unknown how a human soul is allowed salvation in Heaven.


Heaven's armies are divided into garrisons charged with specific tasks. Each garrison is led by a Captain. Archangels are of the highest order of authority in Heaven. Heaven's hierarchy is extremely strict. All Angels are expected to obey orders from their superiors without question. Emotions are highly discouraged amongst Angels, as many of the higher ranking Angels see them as doorways to doubt. Disobedience or lack of faith is punishable by demotion, banishment, torture, and even death.