Vital statistics
Real name Imperiax
He is the general of the Imperial Army, personal bodyguard of Vincet and the guardian of Imperial City.


He was created by Vincent to lead the Imperial Army because they need a leader in battle. Since his inception, he has defeated & sealed the Titans, protect Imperial City and fulfil all of Vincent’s commands. He has led the Imperial to many successful victories and also great recoveries from defeat. In this order he was rank number one as military expert and was fear by many armies. He was very close to Neson while growing up in fact they had private lessons where he taught Neson about warfare and is responsible for Neson’s ingenious military strategies. After the rise of the Charred Council, he was told by Vincent along with Neson that it was his destiny to face Titans. In the Final Battle, He was led by Vincent into war where he faced the Titans and was almost killed but was saved by Neson who destroyed the Titans and himself. He then carried Vincent injured body to his room and sunk Imperial City underneath the Earth where he is currently guarding Vincent's room.


He had a vicious heart that seeks only to do his job perfectly by repaying Vincent by performing beyond and above.



In his mind, he was merely a servant to Vincent but in reality was his best friend.


He was a great friend to Neson in fact he was the only he had respected on his own opinion.


No respect was every shown to them


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