Vital statistics
Real name Jericho Summerson
He is the son of Scarlett Thompson and Scott Summerson, former member of the Final Destination and member of the Young Alliance and Resistance. He is the first energy creature.


Since Cheeco banned all members to have children but Scott and Kitara disobeyed him knowing that if found out he would kill all three of them Kitara fled leaving Scott behind to keep them safe. Jericho is the champion of the Pylands. He was the first to be recruited by Chiki and Asmon to join their quest but declined and their first attempt after his mother was kidnapped he joined bent on revenge. When the Final Destination was spilt up he went on the Young Alliance as a permanent member due because of his love for Rakel. Exodus and Matredox always try to recruit him because they are alike.


  • Cosmic-Fire Manipulation
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Energy Physiology
  • Energy Manipulation

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