He was a member of the Colony, former protector of Nature and king of Treants.


He was introduced as a wise servant of Father who aided in Encyclopaedia's defeat. AFter the rise of Beast King he was promoted to be the protector of nature and but was captured by the Osmosh'ns where he was put in slavery. He and the treants were liberated by Scorch in his attempt to earn Beast king respect. Days after returning to Colony he was confronted by Encyclopaedia where he effortlessly defeated him. After multiple victory over Encyclopaedia he became his number one enemy. In the final Battle, he being a member of the Colony was led by Beast king while leading the Treants to face Encyclopaedia and but was defeated (faked his death) by him but he managed to put a curse on him forcing him to stay in Ambrosia. He then went into hiding in Purgatory where he became one with nature.


He is very loyality and respect things that is fair and just. He is very obedient to whomever is in charge of him.


  • Nature Magic
  • Plant manipulation
  • Nature communication
  • Treant Physiology

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