King Kobra
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Vital statistics
Real name Kobra
He is the leader of the Serpents and current king of the Leviathan. He was a member of Council of Scales. Father of Kemi and Snake Eyes. He is the biggest criminal in the Dragon World.


He was borned under the enslavement of the dragons. He grew up working in the mines then into the army and out to the streets. He then created a group of leviathans called the Serpents and rose up in the Leviathan's system by deceiving and overpowering everyone where he became their secret king because he was wanted by the dragons. He then mated with an Saurian pricess in attempt to rule the saurians thus giving birth to Kemi whom he rejected and Snake Eyes that was rejected from the Saurian throne. He is seen as most notorious criminal of Dragon World.


He is a man of deception that trusts nor respects anyone other than himself.


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