He is the son of Encyclopaedia, father of Weevil and grandfather of Daniel Larvae. He was the prince of Ambrosia, general of the Hive and one of the greatest menace of all time. He is known as Leech the Insatiable.


Encyclopaedia seeing the fall of the Charred Council was glad and become a warlord of the dimensions because he was cursed by King Kaptus, he could leave his dimension so he had a son, named him Weevil and commanded him to devour all worlds. After following his father's command he began devouring worlds and was unstoppable he then became the most powerful being in existence when he devoured Dragon Emperor Aragon. He then became the most feared being as named the Disease. He then entered the Dragon World to devour it and he succeeded in many regions but was killed by Dragon Emperor Zaragoza but before he was killed, he shed a bug which was forged into Weevil by Encyclopaedia.


He is an emotionless being that has no regret for any of his actions plus he has never speak in his existence symbolizing his dedication and obedience to his father.


  • Insect Manipulation
  • Human Hive
  • Insect Mimicry
  • Regeneration
  • Nigh-Immortality
  • High Immunity

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