Vital statistics
Real name Mack Jones
Mack Jones was the older brother of Mike Jones, grandson of Don Fabio and the cousin of Rakel Jones. He was the current leader of the Anarchists. Also known as Maverick.


Mack was introduced at the beginning of MG: The End Part 2, where he was the top, most feared & dangerous criminal running the gang called the Anarchists, because of his hate for Troy and Cheeco Thompson. He conducted many attempts of destruction against the Enforcers and Troy. He was then later revealed to be the big brother of Mike Jones causing him to be feared in the schools. Seeing how he was a human and Troy was an ethereal, so he killed Rakel and stole her powers to get his revenge. He was then recruited by Exodus to join the Genesis. As a member of Genesis, he handled special task force missions with his new and improved Anarchist. After the rise of the Dark Knights Era, he became the only living Jones alive.


As his alias suggest he do things base on his own opinion. He hates laws, law enforcement or being led.


  • Absorption
  • Master Tactian & Strategist


  • Baton

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