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Who is more famous from the First Order?

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It is death of three most powerful beings of evil (Chad, Jerome and Cheeco Thompson for the rise of the Dark Knights Era. It mostly focuses on the chosen ones (reincarnated heroes or villains). It is darkest and most action pack out of the five-part stories, it has more deaths than the prequel MG: The End Part 1..Read more...
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He is the son of Icarus Blade, grandson of Neson Blade and the father of Malcom, Kahliel and Tedesco Blade. He was the Galactic Overlord till he gave to Tedesco. He was a member of the Eldersand Seireitei.. Read more...

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Mortal Kombat Raiden Trailer

This wikia is far more better than Mortal Kombat

MG: The Beginning

MG: The New Generation

MG: The War B4 Time

MG: The End Part 1

MG: The End Part 2

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It is about a the story of the Thompson Family and others throughout history and how they affect. It consists of altered mythology, shows and history so it will be easy to edit. It constitutes around a adventure, action and romance

good vs evil when will it end

genre. It contains many out of this world experiences that will leave you shock and joyful.


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