Black Stone - Magic And Steel
Vital statistics
Matredox Magnus was a minor antagonist in the MG: The End Part 2. He was the oldest son of Exodus Magnus, grandson of Zekriah Magnus, nephew of Stevenson Magnus and brother of Corre and Nikora Magnus. He was the leader of the Nexus. He was a Ergon Dox. He was the reincarnation of his grandfather Zekriah Magnus.


He was introduced as a mysterious prodigy from Ladrones Academy along his team the Nexus. Since his arrival he had made enemies in Che Che, Chiki, Drake and Asmon Blade so he ordered his team to kill or covert and so they did. He had some type of relationship with Melissa Love. He was the most feared person at MG Academy and patrolled the school with his brother Corre. It was later revealed that he was the son of Exodus and was sent to infiltrate MG Academy. After the rise of the Dark Knights era, he and his team underwent vigorous training and was not seen doing anything else.


Matredox was a very dark and gloomy person who had no love for anyone and loves to kill and defeat his enemies.


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