Vital statistics
Real name Mike Jones
Alias Mikey
Species Human

Mike Jones was a member of Entourage and Anarchist. He was the grandson of Fabio Jones, the younger brother of Maverick and the cousin of Rakel Jones.


Mike was a student at MG Academy, where he was feared by many other students because he was the younger brother of the Notorious Maverick. He joined the Entourage, where he supplied them with illegal Anarchist weapons that harmed all supernatural beings. He confront Redakel and told her that they were related by telling and showing history between their grandfather and uncle to lore her to her death so his brother could steal her powers. He was killed by the betrayal of Paradox in the rising of the Dark Knights era.


Mikey has a strong desire to be like his older brother, Mack.


  • Enhanced Accuracy
  • Weapon Adept
  • Combat Expert


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