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Vital statistics
Real name Unknown
He is a legendary conqueror that almost conquer the entire multiverse but was defeated by The Magician. He is the ancestor of Doctor Strange. He is king & creator of all mutants, chimeras and hybrids. He is leader of the Genomes & Blackwatch . Supposedly member of Mercer Family.


He was introduced as the person conducting all of Zyuse's experiments such as Scorch, Massacre & Khameleon. After the fall of Charred Council, He then created an army called the Genomes, forged an alliance called the Blackwatch and assume the title of a conqueror. He defeated many people like Frazer Shaanxi (responsible for his death), Scorch, Encyclopaedia, Zekriah. He was attack by Elders with resulted in a very long war but later killed by the Legendary The Magician. He is the greatest conqueror in history since he conquer more dimensions and areas than anyone else. Since his army had genes of many other powerful races, his army is one of the most powerful army in existence.

As a ConquerorEdit

In his days of conquest at first he was constantly pursed by Scorch but he ultimately stopped because he was outmatched by morpheus. He then confronted the Encyclopaedia, Where he and the Encyclopaedia agreed sent his Hive soldiers to consumed the multiverse but failed. So the Architect sent the Genomes and conquered most parts of Ambrosia. In his quest he encounter Zekriah, but seeing how powerful the Architect had become and that he was outmatched he remember heard of a prophecy of an immortal Thompson. Zekriah then trained that boy which would become The Magician. Ultimately he was defeated The magician in his quest for immortality which was inherited by the magician. Due to the fact that he was responsible for Scorch transformation he was constantly interfered by him.


Because he was undermined by Zyuse, he always have a craving for power after getting it, he uses his power to undermines everyone else.


  • Biological Manipulation
  • Obtained species DNA abilities
  • Nigh Immortal
  • Nigh Omnipotent
  • Increased Immunity


  • Gaunlet

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