Odabella was the first love of The Magician. She was a Dragon of unimaginable beauty for her time. She was the inventor and creator of the Vuns, who were very timid Creatures until they where made extinct by a minor disease. She contracted an identical, but lethal strain of the disease and died after splitting with the Magician.


Odabella grew up alone, wandering between dimensions to learn all of the magics and sciences. She met the Magician along the way and fell in love when he complemented her on her creation of the Vuns. The Vuns contracted a minor disease, which Odabella blamed on the Magician, breaking up with him. She was heartbroken and contracted the lethal version of the Vuns disease and died.


Odabella was a hopeless romantic with separation issues. She was very strong willed and sure of herself when it came to anything that didn't involve her heart.

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