Outer Space
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Location Space
Outer space, or simply space, is the void that exists between celestial bodies, including Earth. It consists of million planets, galaxies and beings. It was mainly dominated by aliens who had developed technology that was second most advanced technology in exist. It was ruled by the Overlords then permanently the Galactic Overlord. It's main military was the Union then the Galactic Unit. It's main institution was the Galactic Lar High. It was once terrorized by the Celestials then formerly by Confederate until combined with the Union to form the Galactic Unit.


  • Aliens: These the prevalent occupants and the heads of Space
  • Machines: They were created by other sentient beings to serve them or dominant enough to occupy planets
  • Humans: They only occupy a small portion of Space and due to their lack of special abilities, they are a lower class or slaves

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