Former leader of the Misfits and Brotherhood. Father of the Chazz Mercer and grandfather of Julian Mercer. He was also known the Doctor Strange.


He is the descendant mutant borned that grew up seeing other mutants mistreated and bent on getting revenge on the humans. He was an expert in biology which allowed him to control and improved his abilities which caused him to organized the mutant world to form a group called the Misfits that brought terror to non-mutants. he was then visited by Armatron and Brainiac where they forced him to joined the Brotherhood to take down Master Gods and then humanity. He then joined the Brotherhood where he and Reyzer and Brainiac formed the research part of the Brotherhood and became the closest of friends. In battle with Ancient Alliance verses the Doomzday and the Brotherhood battle he was killed but before he was killed. he managed to create a clone of himself who he calls his son Chazz Mercer.


At other mutants and villains he approach them in a respectful way but to humans and heroes very aggresive towards them.

Misfits LeaderEdit


  • Biological manipulation
  • Expert in biology
  • Near immortal

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