Queen Sapphire
The Priestess of the Snake God by alserov
Vital statistics
Real name Sapphire Jiangxi
She was the wife of Zyuse, mother of Aragon Xinjiang and grandmother of Zaragoza Xinjiang. The very first dragon Jewel and Dragon queen.


Her background is unknown other than she was given powers from the Troika Dragon and was his servant. She was captured by the Dragon Empire after conquering the holy city of Tro-ka where she met Zyuse and married him. She then became the first Dragon Queen and was the only person who could calm down Zyuse. She and Zyuse then had a son but was killed by Scorch while he was escaping. She was then fleeing to the Dragon World in the final battle and was never seen but was told in the storybook that she died.


She has a healthy personality which includes being friendly, lot of forgiveness and compassion basically it is impossible to make her upset.


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