Headmaster Sarkhan
Vital statistics
Real name Sarkhan Jilues
Species aliens
Sarkhan Jilues was the headmaster of the prestigious Galactic Lar High school.


He was a sergeant of the Union until he was dismissed. He then turned to a life of crime by manipulating and training criminals. He was then caught and was sentenced to death, but was interfered by the Overlords whom confessed that they were the reason for dismissing him and turning him into a criminal to see if he was properly trained to teach. Sarkhan was headmaster of Galactic Lar High where he trained powerful sentients and gained a impeccable reputation.


He was a very aggressive and strict person whom strives only for the best of things. He was very kind-hearted when you completed his tasks perfectly.


  • Psionics
  • Enhanced Strength

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