Smoke 9 demon by deathbycustard
Vital statistics
Real name Smoke
Smoke was an ancient demon of destruction, who had been sealed away because of his destructive behavior. He was freed by Maarkus Thompson to do what he did best, but he was defeated by the Ancient Alliance. Seeing that if he was sealed again, Maarkus could easily free him so he was infused inside of a suitable host who was Jonathan Thompson.


He was an ancient demon of destruction, defeated & sealed away by angels. He was awakened by Maarkus Thompson to create a distraction, but was defeated by the Ancient Alliance and was infused in Jonathan Thompson. While in Jonathan, Smoke tried to take him over but constantly failed. Jonathan tried to reason with him about being good and succeeded. Being inside of Jonathan for a very long time, enabled Smoke to gain some of Jonathan's characteristics, abilities and personality. He aided Jon in his hero days and was the reason why Jonathan became evil and a member of the Anti-Five. When Jon reverted to his normal state so did he. Smoke vanished when Jonathan was killed by the Dragon Empire.



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