Vital statistics
Real name Susan Thompson
Susan Reeves was the daughter of Emma and Dante Reeves, and the sister of Sandra Reeves. She was the wife of The Magician and mother of Viktor, Maarkus and Hector Thompson. She was also known as Storm.


Susan was born on Earth, where she was raised by her mother and father alongside her older sister Sandra Reeves. She fell in love with the The Magician after he resuced her from an attack from a magical creature. She later became a hero just to see The Magician which she did and confessed her love for him which cause them to be married and produce three childrens called Viktor, Maarkus and Hector Thompson. She had great love for Maarkus instead of Hector where the Magician did not. She spent her last few years raising Maarkus to be evil. She left to destroy the Magician, but she was killed.


She is very aggresive and peculiar to be around.


  • Weather Manipulation
    • Storm Creation
  • Dark-Electric Manipulation
  • Magic
  • Fear Manipulation

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