Vincent Thompson
Vital statistics
Real name Vincent Thompson
Alias The Imperator, Creator
Species Diety, Spirit, Elemental

He is the creator of everything, king of Imperial Army, ruler of Imperial City, leader of the Eternals, former master of Neson and Zekriah and member of the Thompson Family. Also known as Vincent the Allpowerful.


He was forge from the combination of his death of his parents spirits after which he released three surges of energy in Neson and Zekriah and the formation of Father. While he ruled over Imperial City, he created an army of Ergon but had to replace them with Elemental spirits the Imperial Army with Imperiax as their general due destructive and dangerous ways. He first confronted Father while preventing him from destroying of village full of humans. Second was Zekriah when he caught trying to steal his crown and rewarded by returning to Imperial City with him. Third was Neson when he freed to return home with him to train alongside Zekriah as if their were like brothers. He then form the Eternals with Beast King and Neson due unexpected devastation by the Charred Council mostly because The SOURCE and The Destroyer that resulted in creation of Legion. In the Final Battle he led the Eternals and the Imperial Army against the Charred Council and the Infernal Army while face and killed The SOURCE but was severely injured and carried to his tomb by Imperiax where he now guards. Imperial City is underground guarded by Imperial Army. Since Legion only listens to Vincent his current location is unknown.

As the AlphaEdit

As the Alpha he was granted ultimate power of everything that which he created or not. Although he was alpowerful, he did act that way infact he act like a human and this was the main reason why Father did not like him. He sees Zekriah and Neson as his sons and the future of this world.


He was always calm and compassionate even in the deepest of all situation when he was attacked The SOURCE.


As alpha he has a great attribute in your hands :

  • Ultimate Lordship : Has a great power, he is God (Creator, Preserver and Destroyer) with this power he can:

-Everything inside and out of existence has to work with the user's decision

-Omnipotence = can do everything ( change, modify, create, destroy, rule)

- Omniscience = knows everything

- Omnipresence = can be present throughout the existence of only once

- Immortality = cannot be killed


  • Malefic Force
  • Devil Stones