Weevil is the father of Parasite, son of Leech and the grandson of Encyclopaedia. He was a member of the Hive and now the Revelation.


He was raised by Encyclopaedia to avenge his father's death. Weevil went with Hive soldiers to Dragon World, where he was defeated by Kakache Xinjiang and sealed away in the Abyss. Whilst in the Abyss, he had to fight for survival which was easy for him because he was limitless. After witnessing Weevil's abilities and skills he was recruited by Viktor Thompson to join the Revelation. As a member of the Revelation his entire mind was converted into a neutral mind. When Maarkus freed Viktor, Weevil and the other members chaoticly descended upon Earth within minutes and were marked as omega-level beings, they were defeated and sealed away into the deepest regions of Abyss where none can live except them.

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